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Darwin Darling is a political and social commentator, columnist, and the host of "A Darling Nation" on iHeartRadio and iTunes.  A true renaissance man, Darwin obtained his college degree, enlisted in the military, served as a police officer, worked as a film producer in New York and Los Angeles, and even toured as a rock drummer all before the age of 30.  After a life-changing event, Darwin decided to use these incredible experiences to educate society on the realities of our politically charged world while also motivating people to break away from the flock and think independently.  He does all this while being untouched by the modern societal pressures of political correctness and the fragility of the modern mentality.   



With episodes 3 times a week (Mon/Wed/Fri) this is an action-packed and extremely entertaining alternative to the dumpster-fire called "the mainstream media".  

"Darwin Darling goes behind the walls of the fake news media to bring you the truth about breaking news, hot political topics, cultural issues, and current events."



The most dangerous epidemic in our nation is the bias and indoctrination taking place in our education system, the most devastating example being the teaching of revisionist history.        It ends today.

"Some of it will fascinate you, some of it will anger you, some of it will make you laugh, and some of it will make you cry....but through it all, I can promise you one thing. Which is that is that you will, for the first time in your life, learn true history....unrevised."

-Darwin Darling